2 A/C CONTROLLER ( Model:- AC_2TT-V1 )


  1. Controls Two Air conditioners.
  2. 4 Digit Seven segment LED display to view Temperature
  3. Accurate temperature sensing with good quality thermostat.
  4. Separate set points for Room Temp. of A/C 1 , A/C 2
  5. Room temperature high Alarm indication. (above HIGH TEMP set point )
  6. High Temperature set point user settable.
  7. Changeover Cycle time in tens of minutes. user settable.
  8. Password protection for parameter set points.
  9. Separate potential free contacts for ‘High temperature Alarm’
  10. AC ON indication by LED on front panel.
  11. Fire protection against Input potential free Signal. – Optional Feature

Communication Terminals RS 485 Modbus Protocol –Optional  Feature



Cell sites vitally need air conditioning systems. The heart of an Air conditioner is its compressor.

To control A/Cs  ‘Aircon Controls’ has developed a new innovative product

                              “  2 A/C CONTROLLER  ”

                            (with Temperature Control)

2 A/C Controller is a Microprocessor based system, which controls operation of two A/Cs. System also provides facility to indicate High temperature Alarm.

All the set points such as Compressor Cut In Temp. , High Temp & Cycle Time are site selectable & user can easily set them by using keys provided on the front panel.



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